Reviews & Interviews

“The brilliant Les Malheureux, who mix together flash fiction, music and projections with shit-tons of wit” – Emma Jane Unsworth – April 2014.

“Very strange, funny, sometimes existential” – Arthur Chappell, Bubblews – March 2014. Full review here.

“They had their audience bizarrely hypnotised” – Manchester Literature Festival Blog – October 2013. Read the full Blog North Awards review here.

“Witty literary stylings” – Creative Tourist – August 2013. Read the preview of our appearance during Manchester Literature Festival here.

“The Sartre and de Beauvoir of Manchester” – Sarah Jasmon – April 2013. Read the full interview by Sarah Jasmon here.

Manchester Wire preview – April 2013.

Emerald Street pick – February 2013.

“Stupidly amazing duo Les Malheureux … entertained us with a rather brilliant performance” – Might As Well – October 2012. More here.

“Keep listeners eagerly wanting more” – Manchester Music – October 2012. Read the full review of our A Carefully Planned Festival gig here.

“Intriguing” – Manchester Wire – October 2012. Read the preview of For Books’ Sake 2nd Birthday Bash here.

“An enigmatic scene of comedy that has me questioning, have I lost my mind, or have they lost theirs?” – Tom J Callaghan – October 2012. Read the full review of our Axis Arts Centre gig here.

“Splendid” – Jason Cooke, Breakfast Of Champions, All FM – July 2012.

“Thoroughly funny” – Onward, Manchester – May 2012. Read the full review of our Sounds From The Other City gig here.

“Brilliant” – Manchester Music – February 2012. Read the full review of our gig supporting Monkeys In Love here.

“Delightful Dadaism” – Eight Cuts – March 2012. Read the full interview prior to the Not The Oxford Literary Festival here.

“Ace – haven’t laughed that hard in ages” – Fictions Of Every Kind – September 2012.

“Ambitious” – The Art of Fiction – September 2012. Read the full review of our involvement in the Didsbury Arts Festival Word>Play evening here.


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